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The easy and fast way to trellis climbing plants and fruit

Forget sagging wires, snapping strings or ugly wooden structures - use a Gripple trellis kit!

This unique trellising system, that does not rot or rust, is easy and simple to use for all types of climbers like beans, tomatoes and cane fruits or ornamentals like roses and clematis. It provides support to a wide variety of flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit trees - helping them to flourish year-on-year....leaving you time to enjoy your hard work.  

No knots, no sharp ends, no twisting and is easily tensioned and re-tensioned by hand.

The Gripple system will support up to 100 kg / 220 lbs of load.

The nylon trellis wire is UV stabilised so it won't deteriorate in sunlight and will last for about 15 years. There is no metal at all, so nothing to rust! The Gripple tensioner itself is made from nylon, which is reinforced with glass-fibre, and inside there is a ceramic gripping mechanism and stainless steel springs, so again, nothing can rust. 

This makes it ideal for use both outdoors and indoors, especially in humid glasshouses.