Subpod Sales and Installation

The growth hub for your garden that turns food waste into living soil with no smells or mess.
Subpod® - the simple way to compost your food waste and grow new nutrient-dense foods in your own space. We've taken the hard work out of composting! Flat-packed for easy worldwide shipping, and easily assembled with no tools in under 5 minutes.

Composting your food waste has never been this simple

The Subpod® in-garden compost system that works with nature, using worms and microbes to compost organic waste without the odours, vermin, mess and hard work of traditional composting.

The Subpod® not only disposes of your organic waste, but is also the ‘growth hub’ for your garden. The movement of worms and microbes between your Subpod® and garden bed builds soil fertility and plant health, allowing you to grow nutrient-dense food at home with ease.

What is a Subpod?

Subpod a below-ground worm farm that mimics conditions found in nature. Compost worms, working with diverse soil microbes rapidly turn organic waste into worm castings, which is rich food for the soil and your plants. At full capacity, after around three months, it will process up to 15kgs (30L) of food waste per week.

Subpod is simple to use, smell and mess free and can be maintained in minutes per week.

Bury your Subpod in either a raised garden bed or in the ground, with the ventilation above the soil line to maintain a clean smelling, aerobic system, whilst also preventing entry of pests. The secure lid at the top also doubles as a garden seat, connecting you with your veggies and herbs.

No Garden Bed? No Worries!

Meet Subpod Grow, the green space powered by food waste. Subpod Grow is a compact composting garden that turns food waste into food for the soil with no smells or mess.

Take a seat on the sturdy Subpod lid surrounded by your favourite herbs, veggies and flowers.

Subpod Grow comes flat packed and can be assembled with no tools in under an hour.

We designed Subpod to be easy to use and maintain, wth handy instructions under the lid, right where you need them. Caring for your Subpod takes just minutes a week.

When you use Subpod you'll learn about the fascinating world of worms, soil ecology and growing healthy food along the way.

Get back to nature and treat food waste as a resource with Subpod Grow.