Senior Care Vertical Garden

Perfect Gardening Tool for Care Centers

A recent study in senior living communities discovered that residents miss two things most from their own homes. Number one is their music and number two is gardening.

Sustainable Sales offers Vertical Gardening Systems that are perfect for senior facilities.

For an older adult who feels as though they've lost their purpose, gardening delivers a sense of meaning and accomplishment. It gives the senior a piece of home and familiarity. It makes them proud to see that something they created is being used.

Gardening improves relaxation in people with dementia, provides an opportunity for physical activity and reduces social isolation.

Benefits of Gardening

  • Provides physical exercise, opportunities to relieve tension, frustration, and aggression.
  • Offers a meaningful activity.
  • Allows the person with dementia to take care of flowers and other plants.
  • Provides personal space for reflection and privacy.
  • Provides time outdoors in a safe place.
  • Provides stimulation with color, smells, and sounds of wildlife.
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