GroPod Sales and Installation

Start growing Pure Produce™, at home with GroPod™ GroPod™ is a revolutionary smart appliance that grows fresh Pure Produce™ in the comfort of your home, year-round, without the use of any pesticides or preservatives.

If you are planning to install a GroPod just remember they are the same size as a dishwasher!

Benefits of growing Pure Produce™


Guaranteed NO preservatives, NO pesticides, NO fungicides, NO herbicides. You have control of your food now. The GroPod creates a fully controlled safe haven for your food to thrive.


When you shop at a grocery store, your food has been dead for about 2 weeks before you eat it. Over 50% of the nutritional content is lost before consumption. Or, households have to throw away produce because it rots. Do you really know what 100% fresh tastes like?


Our patent-pending rotary aeroponic™ design uses 95% less water and half the energy consumption while tripling growth rates. On average, the GroPod uses 6-8 gallons of water per month and costs less than $8/month for energy. The result is an unprecedented amount of crops per square foot.


You already know that fresh garden salads and vegetables are good for you, but did you know that GroPod plants will purify the air in your home? Plants naturally remove volatile organic compounds out of the air, convert CO2 to oxygen, and supply fresh aromas throughout your home.

With a SeedPod subscription, organic seed pods are delivered to your door, automating your garden and maximizing your growing experience. Subscriptions include monthly supply of SeedPods and nutrients, access to our mobile application and membership in our community support forum.