Education System

We Bring Vertical Gardening to your Homes, Commercial Offices, and in Food Service!

The Sustainable Sales Staff already have the Grant written, and would be happy to help you obtain different public and private grants and Foundations. Head Start and Pre School are now eligible in many cases. Help bring healthy, locally grown and sourced food with farmers teaching your child to grow fresh vegetables and help combat the Childhood Obesity problem. An amazing way to give students a hands-on gardening experience.

Using a garden soxx in the Education System on the VEGS System makes it easy to grow your own produce. There are hundreds of grants and foundation monies that will pay for systems like the VEGS System. Sustainable Sales will look for and apply for the grants for you.

The System that we use is called the VEGS System, (Vertical Gardening Educational System). It is ADA compliant, so no one with special needs will be left out. It is on locking casters, so it can be moved from place, inside and outside for year-round produce production.

The growing medium is compost, which could eventually made from school waste that could be made using leftover school food waste.

The compost is held in place by a biodegradable nylon Soxx, and that Soxx is held in place by a bracket that is made of recycled baby bottles. The entire system has a drip irrigation system that is run by a solar cell, so no electricity is needed, and so no watering needs to take place.

We have a huge problem in this Country with childhood obesity. 18.5% of children are obese. Many obese children grow into obese adults. The adult obesity rate in the US is 42.4%.

It was always believed that an obese person ate too much. It is quite the opposite now. Children are being raised on junk and fast food because it is cheap and easy. The average child in the US spends 7.5 hours in front of a screen, (TV, computer, video game, cell phone, laptops, etc.) They get virtually no time running around and playing.

The cost of obesity costs us $13.7 BILLION A YEAR!

The most logical solution is to teach everyone how to grow their own fresh produce and learn how to prepare their own produce. Once someone grows and eats their own food, they will notice they will feel better, and realize how money they save.

Gardensoxx makes it easy. It is difficult for pests and weed seeds from getting inside. The Soxx are biodegradable, and last for years. You can even plant your Gardensoxx outside, and when it gets cold outside, you can bring them in and grow them by a sunny window providing year- round produce growth!