Air Cleaning System

Serving Miami, LA, Detroit, from Alaska to Hawaii

A Live Moss Wall improves Indoor Air Quality.  Oxygen is increased and Carbon Dioxide is decreased.  Verdure is a self-contained water feature that includes lights, irrigation, misters, and Live Moss. 

LIVE Moss Walls for Wellness

  • Naturalizing Spaces
  • Soothing the Senses
  • Revitalizing Indoor Air

Verdure is the first self-sustaining LIVE moss eco-system and wellness wall. A live moss wall is a great way to incorporate biophilic design into almost any interior space. Simple to set up (less than an hour), the live moss wall cleanses and revitalizes stale indoor air. The lush, vibrant green color and soothing sounds have been proven to enhance mood, speed healing, reduce sick days, and improve cognitive function and productivity.

"Verdure" Websters - The greenness of growing vegetation. A condition of health, vigor, and freshness.