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Sustainable Sales can assist you in finding a speedy yet long-term solution to your concerns.

Solve privacy and layout concerns with:

Solve indoor air quality concerns with:

We have products for both indoor and outdoor applications and most offer immediate results!

Solve poor quality issues, use Gardensoxx. It is available in 5” and 8” diameter sizes and the 8” could be used for an entire garden, farm or ranch, as it can be cut in sizes to your specification.

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Our experienced staff know and use the products we offer and can answer any questions.

The Sustainable Sale Staff already have the Grant written, and would be happy to help you obtain over 75 different public and private grants and Foundations. Head Start and Pre School are now eligible in many cases. Help bring healthy, locally grown and sourced food with farmers teaching your child to grow fresh vegetables and help combat the Childhood Obesity problem.

At Sustainable Sales pride ourselves in bringing the newest and most exciting products to our customers, while still embracing tried and true growing standards. We offer the highest level of service, and we definitely guarantee that!


In a time of creating social distancing, a living fence would be the perfect way to divide up spaces using a pre-grown ivy fence. They are available in 4', 6' and 8' high and all are 4' wide. Social distancing is now 6', but when it changes you could simply move the living fence. It comes on a planter box with casters. It is very easy to move from place to place. They can divide up a restaurant space, a meeting space, and more. These are pre-grown in Canada, so they are adaptable to a cold environment.