Growing Onwards and Upwards

Vertical gardening makes an ideal community outreach project in Quincy, IL

Are you interested in starting a community project at your school, daycare center, veteran center or retirement center in Quincy, IL? The VEG System from Sustainable Sales is the perfect candidate.

The vertical gardening systems we sell are designed to promote community outreach and provide gardening solutions for people of all ages. Our owner will teach you how to get started and write a grant on your behalf so your organization could get paid for gardening.

Contact us today to learn more about our VEG System and grant eligibility.

You and your community will benefit from this unique gardening technique

Vertical gardening systems:

  • Save space – This innovative method of growing plants on the sides of buildings makes use of existing space rather than taking up new space.
  • Provide fresh, locally-sourced produce – Fresh produce can be difficult to come by, especially in urban areas where land and soil are rare. But with a vertical garden, you can grow your own produce right outside your door.
  • Provide fresh air – Plants convert CO2 into breathable oxygen, purifying the air and reducing the ambient temperature in their vicinity, which is especially beneficial in congested urban areas.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of vertical gardening is the opportunities it offers for community involvement.
If you’re ready to start your own vertical gardening project in the Quincy, IL area, call 217-653-2513 now.