Living Wall

Serving Quincy, IL

We are dedicated to helping this incredible architectural feature become commonplace in the Design Community. These walls can be utilized both inside and outside buildings and structures. Our current product line allows for applications that range from full sunlight to no sunlight. We have walls for moderate temperatures and below freezing temperatures. Green Walls can range in size and composition of the plantings. Many have diverse color schemes and others are vegetable gardens. Below is a brief listing of our offerings:

Green Envee faux panels are a composite of a power-coated, mesh, frame adorned with 85 artificial plants. The plants are from 16 different species. The panels are 85cm x 85cm (2.79' x 2.79') or 7.78 sq. ft./panel. They come in two styles, "Rome" and "Milan". They are virtually maintenance free. They are all UV rated and Fire retardant. Excellent option when water, light, and access and maintenance is an issue.

Polar Moss Company is the primary source of Reindeer Moss in Finland. They ecologically harvest the moss by hand in a sustainable rotation. The moss is then preserved with a method involving salt water. The end product is a matrix of moss that looks, feels, and smells alive. Polar Moss comes in Flexible Panels (16"x24"), Islands (27",44",57"), and Spheres (9",13",15",24"). Polar Moss is available in 16 vibrant colors. Polar Moss is for interior applications, but its presence will improve the feeling of any office, home, or conference room.

Vertigarden is a modular composite of rock wool, geotextile, and aluminum frame. The front of each panel has pockets for 25 plants. Through drip irrigation, the geotextile waters the plants in a consistent fashion. A smart phone based application monitors the wall in real time. It will alert us to areas that are too dry or too wet. In addition, the system automatically shuts down at 36*F and restarts when it is 37* or above. These panels are 1M x 1M or 10.764 sq.ft./panel. The panels easily affix to the aluminum frame mounted on a wall. The applications work both indoors and out.

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